Our Solutions For Clinical Data

AI-Based, Comprehensive, Automated & Collaborative

Software Services

Nimble Workspace

A Data Visualization & Reporting Platform for
DMCs, Safety Data Reviews, Adjudication, Visualization, and creating TLFs

Web-based, Comprehensive, Automated, AI Based and Collaborative


Automatic AI based mapping of EDC data to Clinical Ontology during import


Derive data, Auto Define populations, filters, formats


AI based creation of TFLs & profiles


Dashboards, Share, Review

Our Services

  • Nimble Workspace Support. Facilitating:
    • Setup, managing and Training
    • DMC reporting
    • Safety data reviews
    • Adjudication
    • Dashboards, Reports, TLFs
  • Statistical Programming
  • CDISC, SDTM, Define.xml
  • Biostatistics: SAP, shells, DMC support
  • Data Management

Statistical Programming

We ensure highest quality in programming deliverables while typical cost savings of 30% or more over other options.


Preparation of analysis datasets, CSR report package, ISS/ISE


Regulatory compliant data creation and packaging including SDTM datasets, SEND datasets, annotated CRF, define.xml/pdf.

Other Analysis

DMCs, annual report, interim analysis, safety monitoring, exploratory analysis, clinical listings

Programming Automation

Use our proprietary metadata driven system for all programming, achieving great efficiency

Process Optimization

Run hundreds of internal quality checks, and use integrated project management tools to ensure smooth flow of deliverables.

Expert Team

Experienced in major therapeutic areas, efficient and proficient in industry standards. 100% double programming

Biostatistics Consulting

  • SAP & Shells
  • Sample size calculation
  • Randomization
  • DMC statistician support
  • TLF review
  • Statistical input into study design and protocol development

Data Management

  • CRF development
  • Database build & design
  • Edit check development & UAT
  • DMP development
  • Programmed listings for data review
  • Programmed Patient Profiles
  • Data reconciliation & cleaning support

Democratizing Clinical Data

In Nimble Workspace

An accessible way to see visualize & analyze clinical data.

Tables, Listings, Graphs

In Nimble Workspace

  • Effortlessly create sophisticated TFL in minutes
  • Create TFL via text search
  • Ability to create most TFLs including statistical Reports via graphical interface.
  • CSR/publishing quality reports without the help of traditional statistical programmers

Patient Profiles

Via Nimble Workspace

Quickly Design graphical profiles from scratch without programming


Our AI system will automatically create profiles


Drag-n-drop functionality to customize without need of programming


Create sophisticated graphical profiles, with minimal effort


Review, Share, enter notes, work together

DMC Services

  • Charter Development
  • Independent Unblinded Statistician
  • Traditional TFLs: Supported by Statistical Programmers
  • TFL Via Nimort Workspace: Accelerated, Collaborative & Economical

Safety Data Review

Via Nimble Workspace

  • Reconciliation, Adjudication, Tracking
  • Data visualization on fingertips
  • Dig into outliers, issues instantly
  • All the data, reports, profiles at one place
  • Achieve single source of truth in clinical data