Nimble Workspace

Your comprehensive solution for clinical data analytics

Nimble Workspace


Nimble Workspace is an industry-leading R-based platform designed for advanced clinical trial data visualization and reporting.

It seamlessly integrates diverse data sources, offers AI-driven insights, and provides collaborative, low-code, cloud-based solutions for real-time data analysis and risk management.

Its 100% browser-based interface allows full self-service capabilities, collaboration, allowing teams to dynamically manage the data analysis & review workflow. With its with low-code functionalities, users can swiftly design custom data & reports while benefiting from cloud-based scalability and quick setup options.

Supported by our robust Data Science team, it ensures efficient workflows and quality data integrity across trials.

Home for Your Clinical Data


  • Support for RBQM, data cleaning, reconciliation, safety monitoring, signal management, trends, data oversight, surveillance, and endless other use cases.

  • In-built data integration and regulatory submission ready CDISC data preparation allowing near-time analysis possible

  • Support for virtually any safety/efficacy TFL, KRI, dashboard, or graphical/listing patient profile

Collaborative Capabilities


  • Browser-Centric Workflow

  • Sharing Made Easy

  • Granular Access Control

  • Complex Workflow Support

Low-Code R Based


  • No-code to low-code template based design

  • From CDISC compliance data preparation to interactive graphics & complex reports via R

  • Full customization capabilities with help of R-programmers.

  • 100% Self Service capability

Powerful & Comprehensive


  • Support advanced clinical trial data visualization and reporting via R.

  • Unified Data Integration from diverse clinical data sources into CDISC data standards.

  • Harnessing the power of AI for signal validation, data summarization, and anomaly detection.

  • Flexible and Customizable.

  • Equipped to manage both simple and complex workflows.

Designed for Productivity

  • Rapidly meet custom needs.

  • The platform is designed to utilize data standards and reuse data & report.

  • No more juggling through multiple applications.

  • Intuitive Workflows: and efficient user experience.

  • Template based for quick start and rapid prototyping.

Scalable Cloud-Based


  • Scalable infrastructure

  • Quick setup options

  • Offline reproducibility

  • Choice of dedicated or shared infrastructure.

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